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At iMinistries our goal is simple.
We want to equip the church to share its story.

An engaging online presence for churches and ministries is created through storytelling. Stories that minister, stories that teach, stories that connect, and stories that share God's love. iMinistries Church Website CMS is built to help share your story through integrated communication features that are affordable, secure, and easy to manage.

How do I use this page?

More often than not, you are the ones tasked with representing iMinistries in presentations to committees or boards. This page has been created to provide you aid when explaining our tools to decision makers.  An iMinistries Church Website will bring immense value to your church or ministry.

Support and Expertise

We really do want to make your job easier and your ministry more efficient.

Website usability, design, social media, SEO, DNS, etc. We live and breathe this stuff. You may not even know what it all is. That doesn’t matter. Since 2004, we’ve been learning how to build great church websites. Let us share some of this knowledge with you. Read through our blog, Church Website Best Practices, or visit our support website. Both have a wealth of information.

Ministry Management

Organize, Communicate, Distribute

Ministries are the backbone of most churches. They create community and allow individuals to use their gifts to serve. Wouldn’t it be great if all this information was organized and easily accessed?

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Design Matters

Beautiful Church Websites

It has been increasingly demonstrated that design truly does matter. Seriously. Having something that’s pleasing to look at and simple to use is paramount to sharing your church or ministries story online.

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Communication Tools

Effectively Share Your Story

Sharing information isn’t done when it’s not simple. Publish news and events, write blog posts, send newsletters, create photo galleries and produce so much more with our CMS. We've made it a breeze.

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Size Matters Not

Church Plants to Mega Churches

Our goal is to equip the Church. We're flexible, scaleable and affordable for any size church. Are you a church plant? Great. Do you have multiple campuses? No problem. We’ve got everyone covered.

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Powerful Editing Tools

Easily Publish and Maintain Content

There's no need to write code, our editor writes it all. You don't need fancy software, our editor helps you. Create pages, organize content, prepare and edit photos, and access it logically, all without leaving your website.

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Value and Affordability

We’re Cheap, But in a Good Way

The value in iMinistries comes from years of experience. Our tools have been crafted from this. The websites and CMS has been molded around the Church. We put the church first and our cost reflects that.

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More on Value and Affordability

Here’s a short story for you. Let's say you own a reliable compact car and it’s run well for several years and thousands of miles. One day while driving your car, you notice the service engine light is lit and you’ve got to get it checked out. What do you do? Do you go to your local, trusted mechanic who has years of training? They have the experience and tools to be able to diagnose what it going on. You want to. But, you’re on a tight budget and their time isn't free. On the other hand, you also know this guy down the street who tinkers with cars from time to time. You’ve heard that he’s had success fixing a neighbor's car, but there is something in your gut that tells you it might not be the best idea. In comparison to the local mechanic, his time appears to be practically free, but he can't give you a warranty on his work, nor can he do it in a timely manner as it isn't his daily profession. He may not have ever popped the hood on your vehicle type either.

What do you do?

Let's take this analogy and apply it to your church website. Do you feel that your church should go with someone within the church body who is excited about the idea of helping and is probably free. Or, do you hire someone that is affordable and provides great value? Sometimes it’s hard to explain how vital a solid online presence is. Much of it starts with a website.

iMinistries is a great value. Both in the features offered and in the overall cost. For instance, when looking at our competitors, we discovered that iMinistries beat the average monthly hosting fee by $13.30. For the site setup fee, on average, we’re cheaper by $386.57. For churches operating on a tight budget, those can be significant numbers. We certainly aren’t the cheapest, nor are we the most expensive.

Who Loves iMinistries

Liz Carver

Communications Manager
Wheaton Bible Church

iMinistries is the best possible partner for Wheaton Bible Church! They're flexible, understanding people who have one of the best content management systems I've ever worked with—and on top of it, they're a forward thinking company who always open the door for our website to be on the cutting edge of technology. We could not have found a better ministry partner!

Jon Sodeman

Director of Youth & Global Missions
Harvest Bible Chapel - London, Ontario

We switched to iMinistries in 2006 and we have never looked back. The quality and ease of use of the content management system is amazing, as our site is highly presentable, but requires little time from me to make it that way as all the pieces are already in place.

iMinistries is proud to partner with ministries who are rooted in the Word.