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    IMPORTANT: Twitter API Changes

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    WedJun122013 ByDavid PohlmeierTaggedCompany News
    Twitter recently made a significant change to their API. This has affected how the iMinistries Twitter Widget works. Tweets will not display on your website unless you follow these steps to utilize the widget correctly. The changes made are an effort by Twitter to make sure that the Tweets showing on your website are authorized by you.

    Please follow the steps below to have Tweets appear again on your site.

    1. Login to you Twitter account

    2. Click the gear in the upper-right corner and click settings

    3. Click Widgets on the left side

    4. Click Create New

    5. Change any settings you like, but the default should be okay.

    6. Click Create widget

    7. Copy the code they provide to you

    8. You will need to paste that code somewhere where you can see it. You can paste into notepad or a similar text editor. You'll notice that what you copied is different from what is pasted. (Not sure why Twitter does this) You only need one thing from it. In the first line it should say something like:

    <a class="twitter-timeline" href="" data-widget-id="344851729025744898">

    All you need is the widget id (in this case 344851729025744898).

    9. Now, you need to login to your website and find anywhere where the Twitter smart tag is being used (It will be a string of code inside of brackets and dollar signs). You'll change it so that it now also includes your widget id. For example, with the code above, you would add this string of text to the widget:


    Be sure to put it before the dollar sign and bracket and inside of the actual smart tag.

    If you have any questions feel free to submit a ticket to our support website.

    Note: The DISPLAYHEADING and SHOWITEM attributes are no longer necessary as the Twitter widget manager now controls those things.